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PUSH MESSAGE ALERTS – $150 Each (20 Available)


15 in stock



  • Specifications:Subject Line:  Alert subject lines or titles longer than 29 characters will be automatically and randomly abbreviated by the mobile app.  So, to maintain content and context, you might consider keeping your subject line fewer than 29 characters.Body: The body of the alert message can be scrolled to accommodate lengthier messages, and can contain full URLs to link the user to a webpage.Please provide:
    • Date/Time Alert will be scheduled to send
    • Alert Title
    • Body of Alert message

    Note:  The three most recent alerts appear at the top of the Dashboard page, and all alerts are saved under the “Alerts” Dashboard icon.
    On the Apple and Android app version, “Push notification” alerts can be set to be received as “overlay” messages, shown below.  The user simply taps the message to open the app and be taken to the alert message.

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