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Only A Few Spots Left, The Paramedic Fitness Competition

Only a Few Spots Left, the Paramedic Fitness Competition

There are only a few spots left for the first ever Paramedic Fitness Competition, September 19, 2019, in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The Paramedic Fitness Competition is going to be a fun, challenging and unforgettable day for all involved. Paramedics from around the world are invited to test their fitness and skills against their peers. Teams will be comprised of 2 Paramedics, one female and one male. This event will be a two-tier competition, with a “novice” and “expert” track. Each workout will emulate, to some degree, on the job tasks that will test both the strengths and skills of each paramedic team.

Information on the Paramedic Fitness Competition can be found HERE.

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