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Canada’s Largest Paramedic Research Symposium At PACE

Canada’s Largest Paramedic Research Symposium at PACE

PACE 2019 is hosting Canada’s largest Paramedic Research Symposium on September 19. Nearly 40 oral and poster presentations from across Canada and around the world will be presented.

Topics to be presented include:

Simulation                                Mental Health                              Oxygen Administration

Situational Awareness            Indigenous Paramedicine         Fatigue

CPR Quality                              Patient Assessment                    Non-Technical Skills

Women in Paramedicine        Career Planning                         Socioeconomic Status

Ambulance Design                   Homelessness                            Opioid Administration

Self-Regulation                         Continuing Education              Gender Differences in Cardiac Care

The Paramedic Research Symposium is Open Access, registration is required please register HERE!


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