Dr. Lori K. Gray

Lori Gray
Dr. Lori Gray is a clinical, forensic, and rehabilitation psychologist who focuses on the issue of
trauma through her work with first responders (e.g., paramedics, firefighters, police officers,
communications officers), victims, and criminal offenders. She provides consultation, crisis
support, and education for the emergency services and high trauma sectors. Her background
includes experiences such as the staff psychologist for one of the largest paramedic services
in Canada, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (Psychological Trauma Program and the
Law and Mental Health Program), Detroit Receiving Hospital (level one trauma centre in inner
city Detroit), Ministry of the Attorney General, Correctional Service of Canada, and
postsecondary teaching.
She has received the Future Pioneers of Psychology Award from the
American Psychological Association, Early Career Achievement Award from the Canadian
Psychological Association Traumatic Stress Section, Odyssey Early Career Achievement
Award and GLAD Award for Teaching and Mentorship from the University of Windsor, and
other awards from agencies such as the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies,
Canadian Psychological Association, and Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council
of Canada. Dr. Gray has served on advisory boards for the Paramedic Chiefs of Canada,
Paramedic Association of Canada, Canadian Standards Association Paramedic Mental Health
Technical Committee. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Canadian Fallen
Firefighters Foundation and Board of Directors for the Ontario Psychological Association.



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