Living with a Paramedic in the Family – Spouses Support Network: Stacey Stairs

Stacey Stairs

Stacey Stairs (BEd, PhEC) – To celebrate her 25 years of marriage received a cement driveway from her paramedic husband.   She is a proud mother of three and teaches home economics at Sussex Regional High School.   Stacey is very involved in her school, church and community offering community cooking classes, leading 4-H and advising her school’s Grad Class and Model UN team.   In the summer she volunteers with several summer camps and her local tennis club.  Stacey is a generous and caring individual who lives to makes others’ lives better.


Surviving Shift Work; for spouses only. 

Do you friends think you are happily married but you actually feel like a lonely single mom/dad?  Do you find arguments growing out of exhaustion or days pass when you don’t actually speak to each other?  Shift work can take away from your relationships, family time, and the partnership you dreamed of but there are things you can do to build a successful happy marriage and invest in the life you imagined.  Come out and share your expertise in scheduling for success, creating an environment for sleep, how to handle the “hard shifts”, creating a family/work balance, making time for friends and mental health.


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