Speaker Day Two: Penny Price

Penny Price

Director, Regional Paramedic Program for Eastern Ontario

Penny Price is an Alberta paramedic with a Master’s degree from McGill who was recently named the tenth most influential woman internationally in paramedicine. Her career has consisted of clinical practice, education delivery, strategy formation, public relations and management.  She is passionate about quality and patient safety, in addition to evolving the paramedic profession.  She specializes in developing highly functioning teams who lead change in a rapidly developing industry.

Penny has lived and worked in several provinces in Canada and two other countries; she has consulted in several more. She is very familiar with international best practice.  Based on this international experience and her innovative work in Alberta, Penny has a unique view of the potential of paramedics and what they can contribute to the health system.  She is active at the national level contributing to the development of the Canadian Paramedic Profile with the Paramedic Association of Canada, a Quality and Patient Safety Community of Practice with the Paramedic Chiefs of Canada, and Community Paramedic standards with the Canadian Standards Association.

She is currently the Director of The Ottawa Hospital’s Base Hospital program, the Regional Paramedic Program for Eastern Ontario (RPPEO), where she and her team are developing paramedics’ clinical judgment in preparation for new, non-traditional approaches to requests for paramedic services.

Canadian Patient Safety Institute awarded the 2016 Innovations in Patient Safety Education Award to the RPPEO for the “Power of a System” category.

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