Speaker Day Two: Jason Zubkowski

Jason Zubkowski, 12 years in EMS, 10 as an Advanced Care Paramedic.  I have spent the last 7 as a member of Calgary’s Tactical EMS unit and am presently the team lead.  I have been heavily involved with the development of the response to active shooter events in Calgary.   Most recently with the active assailant training exercise at the University of Calgary involving Calgary Police, EMS and Fire and two years ago at the Calgary Airport active shooter exercise.  My experience, insight and networking has given me valuable knowledge to help shift the paradigm in EMS tactics and treatments.

Session: “The Paradigm Shift: EMS response to Active Assailant Events” 

Outline:  With the growing threat of active assailant events in North America, EMS needs to adapt their response to improve survivability of potential victims.  Following the recommendations of the Hartford Consensus and lessons learned from past events, I present some changes that need to be considered when EMS responds.  It is no longer acceptable to stage and wait until the scene is completely cleared while dying needlessly occurs.  While Tactical EMS providers are extremely valuable in this type of event, they can not solely be relied upon and not all services have them.

This paradigm shift is overdue in Canada, and the recommendations presented will help in developing a local service standard and align with current best


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