Speaker Day Two: Hegge & Huffman

Chad Hegge, BHSc, Advanced Care Paramedic,

UntitledCareer Paramedic and educator. Graduated SAIT in 1998, Completed a BHSc in 2003 via Charles Stuart University. Chad worked ground and fixed wing ambulance in the City of Calgary from 1998, to 2008. He started with STARS in 2001, and began working with the Mobile simulation program in 2005. In 2011 Chad led the training of all new air medical crew for the base expansions including Regina, Winnipeg, and Saskatoon. He continues to work as an Educator and flight Paramedic for STARS, focusing currently on the STARS Academy, Mechanical Ventilation, and the roll out of the new Hamilton ventilators.

James Huffman is an emergency physician, clinician educator and prehospital transport physician in Calgary, Alberta. He is a clinical associate professor of emergency medicine at the University of Calgary and also the associate medical director of education for STARS air ambulance. Although his first love is his family and his two daughters, he’s also extremely passionate about thinking, learning, education, simulation and airways. He has published on these topics in journals and textbooks and has spent time teaching and speaking about them all across, Canada, the US and Europe.

Session: Cognition and Checklists in Airway Management. Tools for experts, not crutches for novices. 

Airway management in emergency situations is one of the most critical and perilous of any lifesaving procedures. Understanding how our brains work, especially when under stress, can help create an understanding of when and how we might impede our own success and jeopardize our patients’ lives. This forty-five minute session will introduce the concept of cognitive load theory as it applies to airway management. Airway management checklists will also be explored as a tool to mitigate stress and cognitive load, helping to create conditions for truly successful, expert airway management rather than simply improving first-pass success rates. Finally, the STARS Air Ambulance experience with a locally developed airway management checklist will be examined. 


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