Expo Day Two Speaker: Sarah Salvis

Sarah is a Primary Care Paramedic on the Tactical Team with the Region of Peel Paramedic Services. She has been a paramedic since 2008. Graduate of the University of Toronto, she holds an Honours Science Degree, Specialist in Paramedicine. 

Sarah has been a volunteer with Tema Conter Memorial Trust since 2007, the year she won their National Scholarship Program for her paper on stress and first responders. Through her time with the charity she has been trained in MANERS Psychological First Aid, CISM, and NOVA Crisis Intervention. She has spoken to college students, colleagues, and other first responders on the basics of stress reactions and stress management. 

An educator with both her service and local base hospital, Sarah has also facilitated continuing medical education sessions. As an educator, she has been trained to deliver the Mental Health Commission of Canada’s Road to Mental Readiness program. Last year PRPS was proud to be one of the first paramedic services in Canada to roll that program out to its entire staff.  Sarah was excited for the opportunity to assist with the delivery of R2MR. 

In 2016 Sarah was honored to be a support volunteer for both the Heroes are Human Capital to Capital Ride and the Ontario Paramedic Ride. However, as a previous participant with the National EMS Memorial Ride, she was disappointed to not be cycling in either. To maintain her positive mental health Sarah tries to stay active in the community, curls up with a good book, or spends time in the great outdoors whenever possible. 

Session:  “Resiliency and You”

Sarah will be speaking on stress in the paramedic profession and the importance of addressing mental health in the workplace.  She will discuss paramedic resiliency and the idea of a “resiliency toolkit”.  Sarah will also address available mental health support options.  This talk is valuable for anyone interested in general mental health awareness for themselves or as leaders in their respective communities. 


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