Expo Day Two Speaker: Pat Songer

Pat Songer is an Administrative Director and Chief of EMS at Humboldt General Hospital a rural Critical Access Hospital in Winnemucca, Nevada. Mr. Songer is a veteran EMS leader with more than 25 years of EMS experience. Mr. Songer is thought of as one of our country’s most proactive and innovative rural EMS managers and thought leaders. Mr. Songer’s leadership in Winnemucca has equated to one of the country’s most paramount EMS systems, despite being located in some of the most rural and frontier areas. Humboldt General Hospital’s EMS Department – HGH EMS Rescue is an all hazards, integrated healthcare organization that provides ground, air, and rescue services. Mr. Songer has been awarded both JEMS Innovator of the year award, and was the Chair of the NEMSMA’s Practitioner Mental Health and Wellbeing that received the James O Page EMS Leadership award.


Session Details:

Leading Through the Darkness: EMS Leadership and Suicide

Over the course of the past few years attention has been placed on the alarming rate of suicide among EMS providers. What was once EMS’ taboo secret has transformed into a provocative EMS talking point. Join EMS thought-leader and renowned EMS leader Pat Songer an EMS Chief and Healthcare Executive as he explores the role and importance of leadership during some of the “darkest hours”. Mr. Songer’s real life experiences will give leaders the ability to better understand the behavioral processes in EMS that may lead to depression and suicide. Most importantly learn how EMS agencies are working to curb suicides and the important role EMS leaders play in the attempt to “revive responders”.

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