Expo Day One Speaker: Kathy Reid

Kathy Reid is the Chair, Allied Health Programs, at Northern Lakes College (NLC). Kathy worked as an Advanced Care Paramedic/Registered Nurse providing critical care in Alberta’s medevac program and the Emergency Room in rural and remote settings in northern Alberta before moving to NLC as an instructor in 2012. Her roles at NLC have included instruction, coordinator, curriculum development before taking on the role of Academic Chair in 2013. Kathy was instrumental in receiving approval and the implementation of an Advanced Care Paramedic program at NLC. She is a lifelong learner and takes advantage of opportunities that present themselves for professional development and recently completed “The Academy for Leadership Development” in June 2016. Furthermore, she has been active in the regulation of the Paramedic profession and served 6 years as a counsellor/vice chair of the provincial council with The Alberta College of Paramedics from 2008-2014.

Although Kathy is currently in an administrative role she still enjoys the classroom, teaching ACLS, PALS, ITLS and clinical skills.

Kathy has a diploma in Advanced Care Paramedicine, a Certificate in Critical Care Transport Medicine and recently completed a Masters of Nursing in Leadership/Teaching Focus.

Session: Transformational Leadership in Paramedicine Education

The paramedic role is changing rapidly and therefore education and clinical leadership must provide effective leadership to keep up with the changes to provide suitable education, influencing clinical practice. Transformational leadership is characterized by the ability to bring about significant change in both employees and organizations. The goal of this presentation is to enhance the quality of patient care through the development of effective paramedic leaders.

Leadership is a complex and challenging role often requiring a variety of qualities to achieve the goals of an organization by influencing behaviors through engagement and inspiring people. The role of the paramedic is rapidly changing to meet the demands of the complex needs of the patient and advancement in the health care field. Therefore, it is vital for education preparation and clinical practice to keep up with the changes. Effectively managing the changes involves the use of transformational leadership, which is influential in fostering a shared vision, strategy, and culture to bring about change in an organization through the collaboration of the leadership and followers. Transformational leadership is characterized by the capacity to facilitate change in both the followers and the organization. The purpose of this presentation is to gain a better understanding of the transformational leadership theory and how it can be applied to change in an educational and clinical environment achieving the desired outcomes. Transformational leadership concepts are embedded in achieving a shared vision by inspiring, motivating and engaging people to grow and develop to their fullest potential. Moreover, the focus of transformational leadership is characterized by bringing about significant change in an organization by how leaders and followers interact and influence each other.

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