Expo Day One Speaker: Benoit Jolicoeur

Ben is an A/Superintendent currently assigned to Special Operations and has been a Paramedic for 18 years in Ottawa. He has served on multiple specialty units including the Paramedic Bike Unit and Paramedic Support Unit. Ben is an 11 year member of the Paramedic Tactical Unit where he serves as a unit lead and is involved in Special Operations competency maintenance including the pre-selection, selection and intake of new members. Ben has had multiple deployments with municipal, provincial and federal partners, fulfilling many roles. His most dynamic activation to date was assuming tactical command within Parliament Hill during the October 22nd terrorist attack where he led paramedic tactical assets, internal CCP and was integral to the unified command structure.

“Les Évènements Hostiles; Une approche coordonnée et à tous dangers”     Hostile Events, an all hazards unified approach

The OC Transpo Shooting, Columbine, Pulse Nightclub, Sandy Hook, Paris, Parliament Hill and Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu attacks are a few of the incidents that have caused Ottawa to look at its response methodologies to hostile events.
The Ottawa Paramedic Service, Ottawa Police Service, Ottawa Fire Service and the RCMP have engaged as a unified response group to develop what we hope will become a Canadian best practice where we equally prioritize “Stop the Killing, Stop the Dying and Stop the Destruction”.

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