Expo Day Two Speaker: Ron Bowles

Dr. Ron Bowles is Director, Academic Affairs at Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC). Ron worked as a paramedic in both rural and metropolitan settings before moving to JIBC as an instructor in 1992. His roles at JIBC have included instruction, educational administration, leading a curriculum development group, and – most recently – leading JIBC’s Centre for Applied Research. He is active in national research and profession-building activities in Canadian paramedicine including co-authoring a study to support the new Canadian Paramedic Profile. Ron’s current research includes paramedic practice, emergency management and disaster resilience, and mass gathering health. Ron has a B. Ed.(Adult Ed.), a Master’s in Educational Technology, and a PhD in curriculum studies, exploring the development of paramedics’ clinical judgment in high fidelity simulation.

Session: The Changing Context of Paramedic Practice

The new Canadian Paramedic Profile (CPP) describes paramedics in terms of the roles they assume, including Clinician, Team Member, Advocate, Professional, Educator, and Reflective Practitioner. This represents a significant shift from the NOCP’s focus on skills, knowledge, and observable behaviours. One of the foundational concepts of the new CPP is the need to recognize the evolving and expanding set of contexts that paramedics function within. Paramedics continue to take on work in broader health care and public safety settings, and as their context of practice changes so do the types of decisions they make, the types of care they provide, and their options for patient transport or disposition. This session explores a number of “practice contexts” – or settings – that paramedics work in, and how these contexts create both opportunities and challenges for paramedic operators and employers, paramedic educators and regulators, and paramedics themselves. The discussion will include an overview of the new CPP and some of the ideas it is based on, as well as the implications of the CPP and the concept of changing contexts of practice for paramedic education.




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