EXPO Day Two

EXPO DAY Two Quick View    August 19, 2017
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0900-1000  Plenary Session – Becoming the Resilient Paramedic
1000-1030  Nutrition Break – Trade Show Floor
1030-1130 Clinical Track: Airway Assessment Tools
                   Leadership Track: Preceptor Workshop
                   Education Track: Changing Context of Paramedic Practice
                   Community Track: Palliative Care in Paramedicine
1130-1300 Lunch Break – Trade Show Floor
1300-1400  Clinical Track: Pediatric Analgesia
                    Leadership Track: Preceptor Workshop
                    Education Track: Developing Self Reflection in Students
                    Community Track: Understanding Indigenous Health
1430-1530  Clinical Track: Treatment and Referral in Quebec Paramedicine
                    Leadership Track: Resiliency and You
                    Education Track: Paramedic Education at University of Montreal
                    Community Track: Leading Through the Darkness: EMS Leadership and Suicide
1545-1630 Closing Ceremonies
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