EXPO Day One

EXPO DAY One  Quick View    August 18, 2017
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0830-0900  Opening Ceremonies
0900-1000  Plenary Session – Future of Paramedicine in Healthcare
1000-1030  Nutrition Break – Trade Show Floor
1030-1130 Clinical Track: Improving the Assessment and Treatment of Hypothermia Patients
                   Leadership Track: Paramedicine Vision 2025
                   Education Track: Paramedic Education in Ireland
                   Community Track: Community Paramedics Saving Drug Overdose Patients
1130-1300 Lunch Break – Trade Show Floor
1300-1400  Clinical Track:
                    Leadership Track: Creating Inclusive Work Communities
                    Education Track: Student Panel: How Students bring evidence to Practice
                    Community Track: Key Signs & Symptoms Assess When Managing COPD
1400-1430  Nutrition Break – Trade Show Floor
1430-1530  Clinical Track: Double Sequential Defibrillation
                    Leadership Track: Transformational Leadership in Paramedicine Education
                    Education Track: HSFC Bringing Evidence to Practice
                    Community Track: Key Signs & Symptoms, Assessment in Heart Failure Patients


1500-1630 When you have a Paramedic in the Family – Spouses Community of Practice
1530-1630 Paramedic Research and Practice Stories
1630-1730 PAC AWARDS Ceremony
1730-1930 PACE 2017 Networking Reception
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